⚠️For those of you who may not be aware…
Starting last March, we we forced to implement a new policy. Policy below, at the bottom ⬇️
We hang/post multiple laminated signs throughout the homes explaining this policy. Most of the time, we have not had any issues. But with the cold weather, extra large sales (so much to look through) the lines can be long. Lines usually move pretty fast, but that also depends on the amount of contents & how fast people make their selections. We do our best to check out customers fast & keep the ball rolling. This isn’t exactly fun for us either. We keep doors open all day to prevent people from touching doorknobs. This means we have people stationed at each door as well as a third person at the checkout table. We are just as cold (or hot) as you. But we are at these homes 8+ hours unlike you. Please dress warm (or cool & comfy) & be patient. We are doing our best! This is not your typical 9-5 business or retail store as you all know. Be kind, be compassionate. No one is happy about COVID-19’s arrival. Reopening last May has been challenging every single Saturday for one reason or another. Please take a moment & think about that the next time you’re attending one of my sales or while visiting one of my fellow liquidators. We didn’t exactly sign up for this! I personally didn’t foresee this 25 years ago back in 1996 when I was first starting out 😔
⚠️Please be aware & plan accordingly⚠️
We close from 12:45 to 1:00 every Saturday for a quick break to sanitize, regroup and re-organize. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding. We need 15 short minutes to spray & wipe things down, grab a drink, snack, use the restroom and etc. We ask the customers start checking out at 12:30 so we can have the house empty by 12:45. We do not have a break room like other businesses. That 15 minutes goes really fast & it’s necessary to prepare for our last two hour discount time. Please be patient & understanding during these uncontrollable circumstances & difficult times.
Fawn Moore Campbell, Owner
Sydney B. Moore Estate Sales