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Fawn- Thank you for everything you did.  It is obvious in your dealings that you love your customers but you are working in your client’s behalf first. There are no special deals for friends or dealers. You are more than fair to everyone. That honesty and integrity is outstanding and the sales process was perfect. Everything was nicely displayed and organized.  Again, thank you for the way you handled my family’s sale. I appreciate not only the results but your professionalism through the whole process. 




I grew up in Bethel Park but I now live in Michigan.  Last November my uncle died in the Pittsburgh area.  He was elderly and my last remaining Pittsburgh relative.  His death was sudden.  

I am almost 70, and I found myself securing his home and having no idea what steps to take next.  

I was eventually, and fortunately!, connected to Fawn Campbell of Sydney B. Moore Estate Sales.

Fawn managed the preparation and eventual sale of all the items in the home, including my uncle’s car. 


Three things impressed me about Fawn and her business.  Fawn is kind and respectful.  I was never given the impression that this job was unimportant to Fawn.  Many elderly couples have gathered so much into their home.  Some of the items are valuable, some are old and not easily repurposed.  Everything was handled with care and potential. 

Fawn has so much energy!  She has a good team and they were well organized.  It was a pleasure and a relief to see the photos from the estate posted on Fawn’s website.  Everything was presented to please the buyers and maximize sales.  Last but not least, Fawn was prompt in responding to my emails, texts and calls.  

Winter, covid, living in another state….I and my cousins could not have taken on this job.  It is a sad and difficult job when you have lost a family member.  We are grateful to Fawn and Sydney B. Moore Estate Sales, and we can recommend them without hesitation.   

Barbara Bollin


Fawn did an amazing job! My mom and dad purchased their home in the 1960’s and we needed to clean out over 50 years of stuff. We selected Fawn to run the estate sale. This was in February of 2020, just before the Covid-19 outbreak. Needless to say, there were a few setbacks. Fawn was the utmost professional. She kept us informed on changes and was very supportive to me and my grieving mother. We had a very successful sale on the first Saturday the state allowed us. My mom and I were a tad nervous whether anyone would show up. Thanks to Fawn’s advertising and diligence, the sale went way better than expected. Two days after the sale, our home was completely empty, thanks to Fawn’s recommended cleanup crew. She did this all while my mom and I were in Florida. We trust Fawn and her crew implicitly and would recommend them to anyone. Also, their fees were the best in town. Thank you Fawn and everyone at Sydney B. Moore Estate Sales!

You went way above and beyond our expectations!

Rustin Jordan


My house was sold and I had to remove 43 years of “STUFF” ASAP!   I did a walk through with Fawn Campbell and 5 days later she handed me the proceeds and a clean house.  Awesome, painless, great, wow, the job got done! I would recommend Fawn Moore Campbell and Sydney B. Moore Estate Sales to anyone needing to clean house. Great advertising, professional staff, a first class operation from start to finish.

Thank you Fawn for a job well done!

Jim Balsarini


We had a monumental task – cleaning out the home of my mother who was a collectible dealer and long time collector. In reality it was about three generations of stuff in one house. To say the house was packed, would be an understatement. We interviewed a number of people to help us with the estate sale and found Fawn.

We could not be happier. She was a pleasure to work with and was so accommodating and understanding through the process. We did not have the opportunity to go through the entire house before the estate sale (see above about how much stuff there was) but she assured us if she found family items she would set them aside – and she did!

From beginning to end, we really can’t say enough good things about this experience. On sale day, there was a line out the door, we even had neighbors and friends comment about how they had heard the buzz about the sale.

We were very happy with the outcome and would highly recommend Fawn to anyone.

Anna- Highland Park


Fawn Moore Campbell of Sydney B Moore Estate Sales conducted the living estate sale for my Father.We had a lot of smalls, and some nice pieces of furniture.

If you want someone who is organized and able to get results, I recommend going with Fawn for your estate sale. Fawn gave us her plan with the expected results, she enacted her plan, and produced an estate sale with great results. She and her team created a set up that show cased items nicely with fair pricing.

She stated she would get 300-500 people through the house in one day and accomplished it. She has a large following proven by the 13,000+ people who viewed the pictures for the sale!

The clean up crew came the following day and that afternoon, we had a totally empty house.

Fawn was easy to work with and achieved the goal. If I have another estate sale, I will call Fawn.

–A Country Girl


I had the pleasure of working with Fawn Moore Campbell  and the Sydney B. Moore Estate Sale Company 2 times in the last 2.5 years.   TWO TIMES !!  It’s unusual to need those services that frequently, but she tailored her services to exactly what I needed.  The first time, my husband and I needed to downsize our home by more than 1/3 to “right size” for our next home.  It was a local move for us.  The next time, we moved cross-country to a home close to the same size, but the style of the home and fit of the furniture was different, so again we downsized  by about 1/4.

When you meet with Fawn, you’ll immediately realize that she has been doing this a long time and is ready for all that it entails, even the worst of it.  She is super organized! Wait until you see her planner.  She’s a genuinely caring person, detail-oriented, and professional in her approach to the task ahead.  She has a system that works.

The first sale, I trusted her and her crew to take care of a $1.6 M home that was about to go on the market.  I am a very particular ( = picky ) person, and she took perfect care of my home and I had no worries.  It was easy to choose Fawn to do my second sale, but this time I had already moved cross-country and she had to do every thing without my direction.  The outcome was great, the house was well taken care of, and I was happy once again.  I would whole-heartedly choose Fawn to do it all again if I still lived in the Pittsburgh area. 

Plan ahead so that you can get the weekend you want!

Kristen S.


My brothers and I knew nothing about estate sales and were lucky in that we were referred to Sydney B Moore from good friend, Mike Bello of Buy-and-Sell Realty. Fawn Campbell of Sydney B Moore was not only friendly and easy to work with but equally professional and detailed with answering all our questions. Clearing out a loved one’s home of belongings is not only hard physical work, but an emotional battle as well. The service that Fawn and her company provide is bar none worth every penny..! They were able to stage our mother’s entire home contents for “selling” in a matter of 1 day! Everything was well priced and on display. She advertised the sale for us using a variety of resources and impressed me with posted signs (the day of the sale) – a mile out.
We were competing against a handful of garage sales leading to the estate sale, which did not seem to matter. Fawn brought the people..! Her helpers Tim and Steve were huge assets as well – very careful, conscientious and friendly with myself and customers. Items that didn’t sell – were of no concern to us either. Fawn has great contacts and was able to call up other key people interested in buying and/or removing anything that didn’t sell for us.
At the end of the process – Fawn left us with an empty house ready for selling – in a matter of just 3 work days on their part – AMAZING and just as promised. Everything was handled with great care and concern – not only the contents – but the property as well.
Lastly there were no hidden costs. Fawn was very upfront about what to expect and what all was included (ie. Pictures, Advertising, clean-out, etc.). I would highly recommend this company to everyone in need of liquidating their space. Fawn and her family’s company will make it happen for you.
Thanks again!

I worked with Fawn the owner of Sydney B Moore Estate Sales for my Moms Estate Sale in Upper St. Clair. Fawn was very organized, professional and worked hard to make it successful. She made things easy for our family and her crew was very respectful of my moms house. I would recommend her company & service for your Estate Sale.
Terry Duffy

Losing a parent is so very hard and being faced with clearing their home, the home you grew up in, can be daunting. When my mom passed away, I spent months trying to clear her house but every visit ended in me accomplishing nothing, unable to take her home apart. My realtor suggested an estate sale and recommended Sydney B. Moore Estate Sales. I am so glad I took her advise and contacted them. Fawn was wonderful from our first meeting. She was supportive and explained the process of the sell throughly. The sale was handled efficiently and with dignity. I always felt the team was respectful to my mom’s home and to me. I would strongly recommend their services. Fawn and her crew took an other wise traumatic experience and turned it into something positive!
Marcia V.

My family had the pleasure of working with Fawn recently on an estate sale of our family home. Fawn is very organized, prompt and dependable. Her team was excellent in prepping the contents for a nice display and running the sale. Highly recommend Fawn’s company if you need her service.
Denise G.

Fawn and her team lifted a heavy burden. I hired Fawn’s company to hold an estate sale to clear out the family home of 45 years, a responsibility that fell on my shoulders soon after my mother’s passing. However, I live out of state and could not have managed on my own. Fawn worked to schedule the sale quickly, which was important because I also needed to get the house on the market. Communication was frequent and responsive. She was also willing to coordinate with my real estate agent on the timing, which was a huge help. Over a few days, Fawn and her crew accomplished in a few days what would have taken me many weeks to do.
Denise F.

During a difficult time, it was a pleasure to work with Fawn and her crew. They were professional, orderly, organized and clean. Most importantly they were sensitive to what we were going through – liquidating our childhood and parents home of 45 years. We appreciate the great job they did and would recommend them in a heartbeat. 
Thank you Fawn and staff for a job well done!
The Fielding Family

Are you looking for a competent, enthusiastic Estate Sales person to help you negotiate the emptying of a house? Look no further than, Fawn Moore Campbell, a Partner/Sale Coordinator of Sydney B.
Moore Estate Sales!
Being completely new to this process of having an Estate Sale, I was frankly overwhelmed at the thoughts of having to deal with my father’s house in Pittsburgh, when I live in New England! Fawn not only reassured me, but also made it sound very easy! She sale was scheduled for Dec 19th. In the meantime, between November 26 & Dec 19, Fawn and her crew took charge. They first, went to my dad’s house, and organized the contents, including: furniture, books, clothes, appliances, tools, car, gas grill, lawn and garden equipment, sports equipment, paper goods, linens, etc. She then proceeded to price the items, and to prepare advertisements for both the newspapers and social media sites. A sign, advertising the sale was also prominently displayed on the property. Next, Fawn arranged for Temporary Power of Attorney, in order to be able to bring the car in for inspection and prepare it for sale. 
During the whole process, Fawn was in constant communication with me – asking questions, clarifying, and explaining. Prior to the day of the sale, all the items were organized, and staged throughout the house on tables, shelves or arranged in groups.On the morning of the sale, Fawn’s crew arrived at the crack of dawn, for the final set up. Doors opened at 7:30 am sharp, with a very organized process underway. At 3:00, the sale terminated and the remaining inventory was taken. The items that remained could be donated, given away, kept, or trashed. Fawn’s crew began the cleanup process, which included goodwill runs, and organizing for trash collection!
Fawn’s fee for all of this was beyond reasonable! She is trusting, caring and fair. I could not have visualized facing this task without the expertise of Fawn Campbell! An emotional, overwhelming process was managed and made easy with Fawn’s pleasant, knowledgeable expertise! I am hoping she opens a branch of her business in New England!
Thank you, to Fawn and her crew!
Marilyn L.

I am pleased to recommend the services of Sydney B. Moore Estate Sales. We worked with Fawn Campbell who organized the estate sale at our late father’s house with great energy and enthusiasm. The sale was a success due to the timely and efficient manner in which it was conducted.
Susan W.

Dear Fawn,
I can’t thank you enough for all you did for us. Dealing with the sudden passing of my brother just months after my father, you made an almost unbearable situation, bearable. Due to circumstances, breaking up his house fell to my mother and me. There was no way she and I could have done it, even with all the help we were being offered.
As you remember, it was not a small house…I couldn’t fathom how it would all come about. But you were so helpful with how you walked me through the process. I came in the night before the sale and was shocked at how well everything was displayed. Even more shocked when I came back the next night to a completely clean and empty house. I’m sure my brother would have been thrilled with the way you and your staff handled his things. I know we certainly were. Again thank you, you were a blessing at a very difficult time.
Please feel free to use me as a reference any time.
Scott W.

We recently used the services of Sydney B Moore Estate Sales and we couldn’t be happier with our choice! Fawn was excellent. She is so organized and caring. When you have an estate sale, it can be a very emotional experience, and Fawn is very aware of that. She made something that can be very hard, so much easier. The sale was very organized and the clean-up was great! She has a great crew with her. Everyone was so helpful and friendly and really did a great job. Fawn was recommended to us by one of her clients, and I will certainly recommend her and her crew to my friends and family.
Thanks again Fawn for a wonderful job!!
Toni A.

Dear Fawn,
You are remarkable! Your entire team made an sad situation, bearable. Your detailed attention to setting up, pricing, arranging and clean-out was a gift! You are one in a million and I am happy to recommend Sydney B. Moore estate sales to anyone. Please know that you were hand picked by my brother prior to his death. Thank you for your caring ways and handling his possessions as if they were yours.

Nancy A.

Hi Fawn,
I just wanted to say thank you again for nice job. My mom and I were back in Pittsburgh this past weekend to see the house one last time and seeing all that was done to empty the house was quite a feat.
You and your team did everything that you said you would and we appreciate it.
Please take care.
C. Balsley

When I first contacted Fawn, I was struggling with the loss of my mother and overwhelmed by the logistics of liquidating her apartment in a short time. Reading the testimonials on your website convinced me to contact you, and from my first conversation with Fawn, it was clear that I’d made the right call. Now I would like to add my voice to those testimonials, because my sister and I are overwhelmed by the support, kindness and incredible service we received from you.
Our little sale was treated with as much respect as a large estate, and everyone involved made us feel that the success of the sale was as important to you as it was to us. Carol, Jim and the whole crew went the extra mile – with everything from muffins to help taking a precious item of furniture to our car. We are now free to cherish our mother’s memory without the stress of figuring out what to do with her
belongings and her apartment. We have you to thank for that. You provide an invaluable service, and we are very, very grateful.
Evelyn W.

This message is to review the recent services of Sydney B. Moore Estate Sales. I had to use your services once again (used them in May 2014 and was so satisfied, I chose to use them again for a sale on August 1, 2015.) I would highly recommend this company and here is why:

1. Very professional and friendly
2. Prompt and sensitive to your time issues
3. Respectful of your home and property
4. Sets up, advertises, sells and cleans up in an orderly and thorough manner
5. Prices are fair and reasonable considering the amount of work needed for any given job
6. Follows specific instructions very well
7. Keeps you well informed as to progress of job
8. Handles difficult or critical customers respectfully and professionally
9. Makes an overwhelming job to the families incredibly easy to manage
10. Returns keys and invoice/check quickly

It was a pleasure to work with Fawn and I will definitely use the services again if the need arises.
Judy S., Pittsburgh, PA

Fawn- I wanted to thank you for doing such a great job with my father’s estate sale. The outcome was as you had estimated. Everything was done in a timely manner and with respect for my father. The clean out crew did a great job, and saved me many hours of work and from making multiple trips to the donation center. I contrast this with the adventures my wife had while attempting to handle her mother’s estate on her own. She spent numerous hours tagging and organizing the goods, held 2 separate sales which tied her up for nearly 2 full Saturdays, not to mention the advertising costs, and was still left with nearly half of the goods. She then hired a truck at a cost of $700 to take some larger items to a consignment shop; I hope to live long enough to see some money from them! I am so thankful I used your services and did not go that route. I especially appreciate the fact you were willing to accommodate me on short notice; this was especially impressive in light of the fact that this was a relatively small sale. I’m glad I called you and would highly recommend your company to anyone.
David Hartman

Fawn and her team at Sydney Moore did a great job with our estate sale. Living in Orlando and Selling a house in Pittsburgh was not easy, but Fawn did everything with the contents of the home from start to finish and left the home broom clean, debris free, and ready for walk through.
John DePaola

Dear Fawn,
Bill and I want to thank you for the superb job you and your team did at our Aunt’s Estate Sale earlier this month. You and your team were so helpful and accommodating throughout the entire process, which was particularly helpful since we were planning this event from out-of-state. We can’t say enough about your professionalism, expertise and responsiveness before, during and after our event. Your staff was top-notch, hard-working, experienced, friendly and very professional. Your firm was highly recommended to us, and we can certainly see why.
Thank you so much for everything.
Kind regards,
Bill and Katie Scalzulli

Hi Fawn,
Just wanted to thank you and all those involved with our estate sale! My mother-in-laws house sold in 4 days! We had to get in cleaned out. It seemed to me to be an overwhelming undertaking. There was no possible way for my husband and I to get this done. You made it all sound so easy.I was initially very apprehensive about the whole thing as we had never had to do this before. Even with your continual reassurance in the days prior to the sale, I was still unsure of what to expect especially since the closing of the house was only one week after the sale.
You and your crew were absolutely wonderful! Everything was handled professionally from set-up to clean-up. My husband and I were both very happy with the results. I will be recommending your services to a friend of mine in a similar situation as well as to anyone else looking for this type of service.
Thank you again,

Dear Fawn,
Many thanks for all of your help with closing our home at 1210 Old Concord Road in Monroeville. You have been so professional and thorough from beginning to end. I especially appreciated your willingness to keep me informed even though we are handling this from out of state! Thanks for doing what it takes to make our transition such a smooth one.
Kris Young

Fawn, thank you so much. It was an absolute pleasure working with you. You really know what you are doing and your staff was courteous and knowledgeable. It was well worth the fee for your service and we made some money as well. Definitely made my life a lot easier. You can count on me for a very positive reference.
Thank you again,
Jack Steinhart

Wanted to let you know that we are very pleased with the results of our sale, and with the way you and your team handled the whole process. We love the artful way you set it all up in an organized way. And we appreciate the professional job done on Saturday. What a good crew, all with really pleasant personalities.
So–thanks to all for a job well done.

I can’t say enough positive things about my experience with Sydney B. Moore Estate Sales. Fawn Moore Campbell coordinated the estate sale for my one of my family members and handled it with the highest level of integrity and professionalism. She handled all aspects of the sale — setup, pricing, advertising, the sale itself, and post-sale cleanout — making it very easy for me and my family. The sale was a great success!
Thanks again Fawn.
Jeanne B. Clark

Fawn, I know that my sister-in-law, Colleen, has already conveyed our gratitude for the work you and your teams did on our behalf regarding the Estate Sale (Yates –
2725 College Park Rd.). I wanted to add my personal voice to that thankfulness. From the very beginning, when you so promptly responded to my call and your availability to address any questions as the plan developed, to meeting you at the house and your thoughtful, articulate and clear presentation of how things would unfold, to your set-up team (prompt, respectful and sensitive of our situation), to Carol and Jim who handled the sale, and, finally, to your clean-up crew (as Colleen reported) … we feel privileged to have had Sydney B. Moore Estate Sales look after the details.
You took what was a daunting task for the family and transformed the plan into reality. We could not say enough about how everyone we’e met, representing your company, exceeded our expectations. We will, as Colleen already has had opportunity, be passing on your name and your company name to friends who may be approaching a similar need.
Above all, we are grateful for the sensitivity and respect all of you showed toward our mother’s home, furnishings and belongings, as well as extending that same sensitivity and respect to Colleen, Joan and me.
Again, thank you.
Cam E. Yates

Many thanks again for such an excellent job in the estate sale of my parent’s house. When we first met early winter, you had seen what my parents had accumulated with fifty years of marriage. After raising five kids and living in the six bedroom house for over 40 years, my parents had managed to never quite throw much of anything away and held on to quite a bunch of “stuff”. The task assigned to me, the sibling who inherited the house, of cleaning it out was quite daunting. Yet, even then, you were able to coach me through the process of organizing the house and preparing it for the estate sale.
From the moment I met with you, until the completion of the sale, you managed to answer every question and handle every situation that I presented you with such patience and professionalism. You were flexible to work within my time line and understood cleaning out the house took much longer than I had anticipated. Thanks to your willingness to work with me and experience with so many other large estate sales, I knew that your company would be the best for our family.
I was most impressed by your efficiency, attention to detail and organization of the items in such a tasteful and classy manner. When I entered the house prior to the sale, I was amazed that you were able to take everything I had left for you (that was scattered throughout the whole house) and stage all the items with fair and competitive prices. On the actual day of the sale, I was once again astonished by the crowds that came to the sale and how you managed to leave me with an almost empty house.
Your staff before, during and after the sale were a joy to work with and were in communication with me multiple days after the sale to assure that I was pleased with the work they had done. They fulfilled my goal of having an empty house that could be ready for renovation to begin a new chapter for the lives of my siblings and family.
You exceeded every expectation that I had when I contacted you months ago for the estate sale. You really are the best at what you do. I would never hesitate to tell anyone how great your company is! Many, many thanks!
Molly Jesso

On behalf of the entire George and Eleanor Kolsun family we would like to thank you and your amazing staff for the wonderful job you did at the estate sale. We realize this was not a phenomenal money-maker for you but your professionalism and attention to detail made this a little easier for all of us to handle. I’m sure you hear this quite a bit, that even though they are only “things” they represent memories of mom and dad. It would have been very hard for us to have done this on our own. The things may go, but never the memories!!
With our thanks, 
The Kolsun’s, Labrozzi’s and Hottel’s

“We had an outstanding experience with Fawn and her team from start to finish. The results exceeded our expectations. Fawn and her team handled the process very professionally and flawlessly. They advised us
ahead of time what to expect. Therefore we had no surprises through this process. We would highly recommend Fawn and her experienced team members for your estate sale. We would not hesitate to contact her again if we would be in need of an estate sale in the future!”
Bill & Denise Brown

Fawn Moore Campbell handled our estate sale in late December 2021, as a result of our family’s downsizing and moving out of state. We couldn’t have done it without her! We had lived in our home for 23 years, and even after a lot of decluttering, we had furniture, home furnishings, and other items to sell. We were thrilled with the results from our estate sale and from our relationship with Fawn!
Fawn came highly recommended by friends, neighbors, and our listing broker. We met with Fawn several months before we listed our home. We had never had an estate sale before, and she gave us helpful advice on what would sell and what wouldn’t sell. This helped us determine what to keep for the sale and what to get rid of before the sale.
Fawn is very organized and easy to work with. She is honest and has a great deal of experience in the estate sale business. Her helpful comments made it easy to know what to expect from an estate sale.
One of the most important things to us was that Fawn was a calming influence and took the pressure off of our family as we prepared to list our house. Fawn handled all of the estate sale details beautifully. Her team treated our home as if it was their own, and we were very pleased with the dollar amount she presented us with after the sale. Fawn is a true professional in her field and we would highly recommend her services!!
D. Kelly Presto, PA


as I returned to my parents’ house after Fawn and her staff concluded the estate sale and cleanup following the sale. A burden had been lifted. My sister and I had spent many days and hours sorting and donating, and still we had a house full of possessions my parents treasured. I was struggling to complete this task when my close friend recommended that I contact Fawn.

I called Fawn, and within the week, we met and she explained her service, including what to do prior to the sale, how the setup for the sale would be handled, and the cleanup following the sale. Everything was clearly laid out and I was very impressed with the way Fawn and her staff would precede through the sale.

I would highly recommend that you call Fawn if you are considering an estate sale. She is very upfront and honest, and very knowledgeable. I will recommend Fawn to anyone I know that is in need of her service.

Marcia S. - Baldwin

Losing a parent is tough. You somehow survive the days of raw grief and numbness to finally open your eyes to the reality of your loved one’s possessions. You lovingly clear the house of Mom’s personal effects then realize you need a team of professionals to help you through the complexities of an Estate Sale. Sydney B Moore was recommended to me- so I called and spoke to Fawn. We spoke for about 20 minutes and arranged to meet that day. She was prompt, organized and I honestly liked her. At a time when you are off balance and navigating through unchartered waters- I think that it’s important to trust and frankly like the person selling your loved One’s things. She gave honest advice, we discussed realistic expectations (it is used stuff after all!), we set a date 4 weeks out and I never looked back. She made the process simple and she was fair. She and her team did an amazing job.

While the process is not easy, I highly recommend Sydney B. Moore. Call Fawn….You won’t be disappointed.

Kerry – Nevillewood Estate Sale

I cannot say enough good things about Fawn Campbell and her work with our estate liquidation! I worked closely with her organizing an estate sale for my father as he is looking to downsize to an apartment from our family home. After living in our home for nearly 24 years, the task seemed almost impossible. From the first moment, Fawn was courteous, compassionate, professional and committed to making sure this sensitive process went seamlessly. She was with us every step of the way, from working closely with me to ensure that we did as much setup work as possible to ensuring that the sale and the eventual cleanup went efficiently. Fawn made herself available nearly 24/7 (including on her vacation) to answer any and all questions for my father and I. When we got to the sale, her crew was professional and friendly and really made the experience as pleasant as could be. In addition to being fantastic through setup and sale, I was extremely impressed by the breadth of clients that she brought to our sale – we sold almost everything! Given the sensitivities around estate sales, I cannot speak enough about the trust and professionalism that Fawn and her crew showed my father and I. I have personally recommended her to several families in our neighborhood looking to do estate sales and would not even consider going with another company. She’s the best.

S. Oweida

Just wanted to thanks again for all of your hard work on my Dad’s house. Would highly recommend you and your team to anyone that would need your services. Definitely lives up to your motto, experience is the key.

Ken Schwartz

The experience that we had using Sydney B. Moore for our Estate clean out and estate sale was extraordinary. To give a little background information – My father passed away in Monroeville. I live about 6 hours away in Maryland with my family. My father’s home was a rather large home and contained an exorbitant amount of items. At one time, he owned his own business and the house was filled with large mechanical equipment and thousands of tools. In addition, he was a collector of many things. He was very skilled in many areas and was quite a hobby collector.
Many would simply call my father a master collector of things – In a sense, a semi-organized “hoarder” of items. Honestly, I cannot try to explain the volume of items that my father had in his house upon his death. Many had reasonable value, but there was also a massive amount of clutter. From beginning to end, Fawn (working with her staff) did an amazing job in coordinating the entire process for me – From the initial pre-clean- up, to the estate sale, to the final stages of clean-out. Handling an estate clean-out and all the aspects (especially in my case with it being so large), is not an easy task. Fawn was exceptional in her handling of my situation. My
situation required me to take a leap of faith and trust someone that I never met or knew of before. Living out of state, I was handing over the keys to a huge estate and had to trust Fawn. During this process, I would text Fawn literally any hour of the day and she was great about communicating back. She was very upfront and trustworthy through the entire experience. She is passionate about her business and her reputation. Her dedication and honesty is impeccable. Without hesitation, I would recommend Syndey B. Moore to do an estate job (of any kind). In addition, I understand that this process can be difficult – I would be willing to speak to anyone that would like to hear my unbiased opinions about Fawn and her team.

John McClellan

I just wanted to tell you how truly grateful Nancy and I are with the estate sale you conducted for us. I must admit, that the efficiency your company operated with was fantastic. Everything, from the initial setup through the actual sale, including the final cleanout went just as you had described it would. We could not have been more pleased with your results. Please count us as very satisfiedclients and we will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone needing your services.

Again, thank you and keep up the great work!

Dave and Nancy Zora

Fawn and her team staged and priced everything in the house from large furniture items, to garage tools and tractors, to kitchen items, down to used cleaning products. We wanted to sell everything and they put a sticker on just about all of it! The day of the sale, they showed up on time and worked all day selling our stuff and repositioning things to keep the sale moving. The next day, Fawn’s clean-up crew came to remove the things that didn’t sell and sweep up the house and garage and basement to leave everything clean for our closing. We made money, Fawn made money, and everyone was very happy. Fawn and her crew are professional and really know what they are doing. I would use them again in a heartbeat and highly recommend them if you are considering selling your household belongings. Honest, Trustworthy, Reliable!!!

Ellen Small

Fawn and her team have handled a couple family estate sales for us in the past few years. We continually go to Fawn and recommend her to our friends for many reasons:

  • Their professionalism and knowledge of market value.​
  • Fawn has established an extensive list of followers after the many years her family has been in this business. I am amazed at the crowds she can draw with her sales! In my opinion, this was key in getting the biggest return from our estate sale.

  • Her team had great respect for our home and sets up the sale to avoid any damage and control the flow of the crowd.

  • The way they displayed our items for sale, the pictures and advertising on their website creates some excitement and it even surprises me on how much ‘stuff’ we actually had!

  • When complete, they clean out the balance of the items, which saved us a lot of time and costs over doing this ourselves.

Thank you Fawn and team for a great sale!!

Bill Frank, Mt. Lebanon


I want to thank you and your people for an outstanding job! You were so professional, organized and dependable!
I would highly recommend you to anyone considering an estate sale! Just all around great people… my parents would be so pleased!!!

Thank You Again for Everything,

Kim Haney and Family

After our stepfather passed and our mom had to go into an assisted living facility, my siblings and I were left with the overwhelming task of going through, selling and cleaning out all of the items in their home. Because our parents were collectors, we didn’t even know where to start. My mom & step-dad were longtime customers of
Sydney’s estate sales. When it came time to sell my moms house and downsize, my mom only wanted Fawn to handle her sale. Once we met with Fawn, we knew that the contents of our mothers estate would be fairly priced and sold.

Fawn and her team were extremely professional and efficient. They handled every aspect of the sale -from organizing, pricing, setup, and cleanup with deep regard to my moms wishes. We all were extremely relieved to be placing our “burden” in Fawns capable hands.
The day of the sale was amazing! Although I didn’t attend, neighbors were shocked at the sheer number of customers that came to the sale. There were people waiting in line at 7:30 to get in the door. Incredible!

We are so grateful to Fawn and her team for making a really difficult (emotionally and physically) time in life bearable. I’d recommend Fawn and her team to anyone. They were very professional, accommodating, efficient and extremely hard working.

My family thanks you Fawn – we are beyond pleased with how you and your team handled every aspect of the sale and cleanup. You guys made it easy!

Thank you.

Luci Orr

I recently lost my husband and it was necessary to sell my home. My husband lived there since 1954 and he and his family had accumulated a great deal of things. This has been quite a difficult time for me and my family. My husband and I dealt with Fawn’s mother for many years and I knew Fawn. I couldn’t think of anyone who I could trust more. Fawn was sensitive to my feelings and how difficult this was for me. She handled everything and made it so easy for me and my family. She made a seemingly insurmountable task go away like magic! I’ve already recommended her to two friends who are thinking of moving. If you have any concerns email me. Have given it from my heart.

M. Lloyd

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